If you can imagine it, We can create it

Welcome to Invictus Designs, the art of Victor Marin.

We offer Digital & Traditional Sculptures, Concept Art & Art Direction.

Here you will find some personal and professional artwork, from 2d sketches to 3d sculptures.

I hope you enjoy the site.



Bringing to life concepts to final statues, collectibles, toys, etc...

Concept Art

Monsters, creatures and different types of concepts for video games or movies

Digital Art

3d and Photoshop Illustrations for Covers, Prints or any medium

Jewels / Props

All types of fine custom jewelry, movie props and 3D prototyping
Victor Marin is an extraordinary sculptor and digital artist. We love his works and we can’t wait the next!
Victor Marin shows great passion for the work he creates.
From Digital to Traditional, his sculptures are strong, bold and inventive.
He has a strong sense of anatomy and overall design that is apparent in
his work.
I foresee lots more great artworks from Victor in the future.
I’ve watched Victor’s works gained a lot of maturity, his latest
commissioned work does not disappoint and shows how versatile he can be, a
tremendous asset nowadays.
Keep it up Victor as you have a bright future ahead!
Jaime Labelle, Pixologic COO
Having painted a couple of Victor’s pieces, I can attest to his sculpting skills and attention to detail. Beautiful, beautiful work!