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Carabias Dibuja

Carabias Dibuja is the only spanish illustrated film magazine.  In the number 19 you will find the interview Carabias did to me. From numer 20 onwards you will find my section ‘Freak Circus’, with one of my creatures and a little tale about them.

(Free digital download, only in spanish)

Direct download clicking the thumbnails (covers) below or in the official web of CARABIAS. Magazines available only in spanish.


Creating Creatures

Creating Creatures is the second artbook (soldout) of Víctor Marín (2017, Apache Libros, ISBN 9788494708480). In this book you will find some professional and personal works. With testimonials of wonderful people like Doug Jones, Steve Wang, Carlos Ezquerra, Alfonso Azpiri, Stan Winston SoA…

(Free digital download)

During the coronavirus crisis, I released the PDF of the book totally FREE, download HERE.


Invictus Designs

Invictus Designs is the first artbook of Victor Marin, selfpublished in 2015. In this book you will find some professional and personal works, digital and traditional. From concept art to maquettes and 3d printing. With wonderful testimonials of big artists, clients and friends from the movie, comic and collectible industry like El Torres or Mark Newman, just to name a few.

You can see the review done by the great page Parkablogs HERE

The physical book is soldout.

Comic Anthology Punkdroid

What a wonderful world

What a wonderful is a 10 pages comic. In an not so distant future, people need to survive an eternal nuclear Winter. Louis Armstrong popular song accompanies the protagonist of this short story on his important daily routine.

Story and script by Victor Marin. Art (pencil, ink and color) by the talented Alejandro Merino.

Part of the Punkdroid Anthology edited by Unpopular Studio ISBN: 978-84-09-51536-3.

Available in English and Spanish. You can buy it HERE.

Literary novel


Chaos takes the world over. A government experiment gets out of control unleashing a global infestation which sufferers just think on devouring something very important to them. To end the disaster, and due to the nanorobotic origin of the pandemic, they apply an electromagnetic pulse. But they just get to disable every single electronic device, leaving humanity isolated, incommunicado and in total danger. Will humankind get to survive to “The Grey Plague”?

Cover art by the great Tomas Hijo, back cover illustration by the big David Benzal. Logo by Edu Maqueda. Written by the incredible Jose Eduardo Gimeno and Victor Marin. Now looking for a nice publishing company.



Deathlove the comic is based in the literary novel by Victor Marin and Jose Eduardo Gimeno.

Story by Victor Marin and Jose Eduardo Gimeno.

Script by the big Alex Ogalla.

Art (pencil, ink and color) by the great Dante Ginevra.

Cover art by the talented Juan Alberto Hernández.

Charity anthology for Ukrania

Short Story · El objetivo

Only in spanish. Relato corto parte de la antología benéfica ‘El sol después de la guerra’. En esta antología solidaria varios escritores españoles han decidido apoyar a las familias ucranianas contando historias. Libro sólo disponible en español. Portada por David Lanza.

Publicado por Apache Libros, ISBN 9788419293374

Short Story (Free Download)

Las Nubes Altas

Las nubes altas es un relato corto de ciencia ficción (sci-fi). Relato escrito por Víctor Marín (Invictus Designs). Ilustración de la portada por David Lanza (Lanza Study). Dibujo de la última página por Fran Garcés (Dibujante Nocturno). Descargalo gratis en español AQUI.

Las nubes altas is a sci-fi short story. Written by Víctor Marín with illustrations of David Lanza (Lanza Study) and Fran Gracés (Dibujante Nocturno). English version free Download HERE.

Literary novel


Andrea Lorenzo has a processing and tax advisory agency in a small American town, nothing unusual. Until one of her customers accidentally involves and engages her in a Russian mafia money laundering scheme, to which FBI decides to put her in a witness protection programme. Ron Hockoy, the agent in charge of the case, decides along with his boss to take Andrea’s family to a secluded place, the “Lord’s Hotel”, located at the Hockomock swamp borders, in Massachusetts. Hockomock, one of the most mysterious places in the United States, “where spirits dwell” in Wampanoag tongue. There, under dark energies and real ritual slaughter reminiscences, obscure entities will wake… But that’s just the beginning.

Written by Victor Marin and Jose Eduardo Gimeno.


The Pass

The pass is a 10 pages manga. After a huge accident, the lieutenant Leyla loss the half of her body, is she loosing her humanity? She need to complete her mission and get the pass.

Story and script by Victor Marin.

Art  by the talented Lucia Calvente.